Miami, Florida, USA.

Anita, as she is called by her siblings and friends, has had the opportunity to live in different countries and, in the meantime, has been enriched by their cultures. As a little child, her mom took her to Colombia, a country where she grew up during her first 12 years of life. Later on she lived in Spain, where she got great experiences and memories not only because of its people but also its culture. There she studied theater, an art that she is really passionate about. Currently she resides in the city of Miami, "The Sun and Entertainment Capital", where recordings of the soap opera  Marido en Alquiler (Husband for Rent) are being conducted. Anita would reappear on the small screen once again.

Anita has the artistic vein at her core, since she comes from a recognized family of writers, poets and music directors. Her interest in acting began at a young age. "I always used to dress up with whatever I found, I did fashion shows for my family. I remember many times when I imitated TV characters that I liked and always thought “I want to be there someday”," says the beautiful actress.

She always was part of singing, dance and theater groups in school. And she tried to enrich her artistic vein with the opportunities presented to her. It is at the age of thirteen that she began her professional training. Her first classes were taken with the teacher Hector Zavaleta at the Actors Workshop Academy (Miami, Florida), where she took j 6 years in acting, diction, cold reading, teleprompter use, biomechanics, and character management and construction classes.

She had her first performance in front of the cameras in 2009, in "I Need a Friend", under the seal of Venevision International. In the summer of that year, she travels to Spain to visit her family and decides to attend an audiovisual interpretation seminar with Ramon Quesada and Luis Gimeno (casting director of Telecinco). Shone so, that when the course ended Telecinco called her to participate in the movie "The Covenant", as one of the co-stars. Unfortunately she could not make it because she was a tourist in Spain. But the entertainment world called upon her door again at her return to Miami, this time through Telemundo for the soap opera "Aurora", under the character of Charlotte. One of her dreams - being part of the wonderful Telemundo family - is fulfilled this way. She also took part in "RPM Miami" for Mun2.

In pursue of her dream in the world of acting, once again she decides to travel to Spain, leaving behind scholarships at very prestigious universities in the U. S., in order to have a deeper training in acting. 



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